Please keep in mind that the information contained on this website is a guideline. The type of soil you have and weather conditions can alter this information. If you have more questions or need further information please call us at 586-752-5090.

What are the advantages of sod vs. seed?

A high quality turf is available for use much more quickly than with other methods and there is less investment of time and work by the homeowner. Homeowners installing sod lawns have a greater rate of success and face fewer weed and other problems than those using other methods. Sod can be installed anytime the ground isn’t frozen from mid-April through the end of October. Sod provides immediate erosion control on a steep slope or terrace.

How do I measure sod?

To determine the square footage you will need to measure (in feet) the length and width of each area. Multiply length by width to get total square feet.

When can I start mowing my newly installed sod?

Your fist mowing should occur as soon as your lawn is rooted (usually in 12-20 days). You will want to raise your mower up so that you don’t mow more than 1/3 of a grass blade off at one time. Gradually get your grass height down to 2.5 – 3″.

Tip: Do not mow wet grass.

Once established, how can I maintain a beautiful lawn?

  • Quality grass needs water, air, sunlight, and nutrients. In most areas, grass needs approximately 1.5″ of water a week. Infrequent and deep watering encourages deep roots and a healthy lawn.
  • Mow frequent enough (with a sharp blade) so you never cut off more than 1/3 of the grass blades in a single mowing. This will also allow you to leave the clippings on the lawn so they can naturally degrade and return nutrients to the lawn.
  • Fertilize at least annually or according to the specific needs of your lawn. We like to use 16-8-8 or any 2-1-1 ratio fertilizer will suffice. Please consult with your fertilizer supplier for their recommendations.
  • Aerate every other year to reduce compaction and increase the exchange of water and air at the root level.

Tip: Good lawn care includes fertilization, weed, and insect control. Professional lawn care companies can help you maintain your new lawn’s natural beauty and vigor.

Do I need to apply a starter fertilizer before I install sod?

The use of a starter fertilizer (low in nitrogen) will help promote root growth. Always follow label directions.

Note: A lot of sod is installed without a starter fertilizer and does just fine.

What variety of sod do you grow?

Blancke Sod Farms grows only the finest blends of Gold Tag Kentucky Bluegrass available. We blend 3-5 of the latest, high quality, genetic hybrids of Kentucky Bluegrass to ensure disease and drought resistance in a wide variety of growing environments. This blend produces a high quality, dense, and dark green turf grass.

Should I add topsoil before I lay sod?

It is beneficial to have a 3-5″ topsoil base. Often this is not economically feasible. We feel that money is better spent on a good irrigation system and fertilizer.

When you deliver the sod, will the driver place it in one area or spot it around the site?

The driver will place sod around the site as long as it is safe to do so (at the driver’s discretion). We require a 9 foot opening for the forklift.

Why are there no prices on your website?

There are no prices on our website because prices are subject to change due to delivery locations and other variants. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. If you would like a specific price quote, please call us at 586-752-5090.